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From Beginner to Test Standard

Regardless of your standard of driving - we have a selection of nine courses of different lengths for you to choose from.
All our vehicles are dual controlled for your safety and you will have your own experienced and fully qualified driving instructor who is approved by the Driving Standards Agency. All our tuition is 1 to 1.

Efficient and Cost Effective

Intensive Driving Courses or "crash" courses as they are sometimes known, are the most efficient and cost effective method of learning to drive and pass your driving test in the shortest time possible.
Our range of courses comes with or without the driving test and we will arrange your timetable to suit your own preferences.

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About Us

Situated in Dundee - The City of Discovery, Passfast UK Ltd offer Intensive Driving Courses from 1 to 10 days or longer with or without test for anyone wishing to obtain a full UK car licence in the shortest time possible.

They are suitable for beginners with little or no experience to full UK licence holders requiring a refresher.

We also provide a one day course with test (extended if required) suitable mainly for disqualified drivers requiring a resit or anyone with the necessary experience. This is our only course where a trial assessment lesson is required.

With over 30 years experience teaching from complete beginner to advanced standard you will find all our instructors patient, friendly and devoted to road safety and your survival in present day road and traffic conditions.


We hear this story continually from many enquiries and clients that they have been taking weekly driving lessons for what seems like forever and don't seem to be making any progress. They are losing confidence and would just like to get it over and done with in the shortest time possible.

The purpose of our intensive driving courses is to provide a solution for this common complaint. One of the many advantages of an intensive driving course is that you will learn to drive over a much shorter period of time with continual assessment and there is less chance of forgetting what you have learned.

Your progress will be much faster as you are behind the wheel for longer periods of time and therefore become more accustomed to the constantly changing road and traffic conditions. Your judgment of speed and distance and mechanical skills will develop faster due to more "hands on" experience.

You will have the undivided attention of your own personal instructor on a 1 to 1 basis for the duration of your intensive course unlike "SHARED TUITION" used by some establishments where you only receive a fraction of the time you pay for and are expected to learn by watching someone else while you are sitting in the back seat.

Our one day special is mainly for those required by the court to re-sit the driving test (subject to a 1 or two hour trial assessment lesson) but can be taken by anyone with a high enough standard of driving. A further eight intensive driving courses from 10 hours over 3 days to 39 hours over 10 days are available. Prices.

If you require further information or wish to make a booking we will be happy to speak to you. We can be contacted on (office) 01382 524978 or call / text the out of office mobile 07515 255444 or drop us a note on our contact page.